Chancellor’s Executive Team

The Chancellor’s Executive Team (CET) is a group of senior leaders whose principal role is to advise the Chancellor on strategic and operational issues that are of critical importance to the performance, successful growth and reputation of UCSF. While the members are individually accountable for their own areas, they are additionally responsible for operating as institutional leaders, advising in the best interests of UCSF as a whole and ensuring there is effective alignment throughout the organization. The Executive Team is a subset of the larger Chancellor's Cabinet.

The Executive Team is a subset of the larger Chancellor’s Cabinet. This group discusses and advises the Chancellor on the following areas:

  • Development of UCSF’s strategic goals and evaluation of progress toward those goals
  • Confirmation of UCSF’s annual performance goals and evaluation of progress toward those goals
  • Major programmatic initiatives
  • High-level development activities such as long-term strategies and allocation of resources related to specific gifts
  • High-level organizational and operational issues related to:
    • UCSF-wide people strategies (e.g. human resources, engagement and welfare)
    • Significant structural and resource matters
    • Real estate and physical environment
  • External relationships and partnerships
  • Promotion and protection of UCSF’s reputation
  • Situations that require rapid response or crisis management
  • Working with the Office of the President

Executive Team Membership

Erin S. Gore, Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

Suresh Gunasekaran, President and CEO, UCSF Health

Won Ha, Vice Chancellor, Communications

Erin Hickey, Vice Chancellor, University Development and Alumni Relations

Talmadge E. King Jr, Dean, School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs

Dan Lowenstein, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Renee Navarro, Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Outreach

Theresa O’Brien, Associate Chancellor

Greta Schnetzler, Chief Campus Counsel and Associate General Counsel