Award for Exceptional University Management

This award recognizes exceptional departmental and employee management by staff members who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the betterment of their staff and UCSF. Award recipients exhibit extraordinary professional performance and managerial service to the university beyond the scope of their individual functions at UCSF, and serve as role models for future generations of UCSF managers and supervisors.

The nomination period has closed for 2023. For questions, please contact Stephanie Mackler.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have been a career UCSF employee for at least five years with a minimum 50% staff appointment at the time of nomination.
  • Have either an S-series (S1-S2) or M-series (M1-M4) classification but do not hold the title of assistant or associate vice chancellor or equivalent VP or Executive VP title in UCSF Health.
  • Have been vetted and endorsed by their supervisor and department head.
  • Have not previously received the award.
  • Have exhibited and sustained outstanding management performance as delineated below by the “Selection Criteria.”
  • NOTE: Proof regarding classification and employment eligibility must be attained from your departmental personnel assistant or your Human Resources customer service representative prior to submitting a nomination.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Innovation: demonstrates ability to develop new methods and approaches resulting in positive change and new standards of performance
  • Communication/Responsiveness: demonstrates commitment to timely, honest, thorough, and sensitive communication and profound capacity to respond to those managed and served as well as to resolve problems promptly and willingly
  • Diversity/Inclusion: demonstrates commitment to advancing the spectrum of people and perspectives in order to provide a broadly diverse work environment and culture that is welcoming, inclusive, and inherently open to diverse ideas for the provision of culturally competent education, discovery, and patient care
  • Integrity/Accountability: demonstrates commitment to uphold the ethical standards of the University and to be unwaveringly fair, honest, transparent, and accountable in interactions with their staff and the campus community
  • Performance/Engagement: demonstrates maximum levels of professional competency, reliability, and responsibility as well as career action, involvement, and commitment to advancing staff development, growth, and engagement
  • Collaboration/Support: demonstrates exceptional ability to effectively and respectfully work within and between groups to manage all points of view toward achieving departmental goals and furthering UCSF priorities in a supportive environment

Past Recipients 


Denly Herbert
Linda Rampil


Donna Howell
Judith Pelzner
Chuck Smukler


Nancy Catena
Patricia Coleman
Stella Hsu


Kevin Beauchamp
Cindi Drew
Jane Hirsch


Lisa Gee
Martha Hooven
Susan Schultz


Diane Dillon
David Odato
Alexis Purcell


Doug Eckman
Tracy Schaefer
Ian Tuller


Paulette Gregg
Laurel Koepernik


Amy Levine
Ann Williamson


Adele Anfinson
Kathleen Balestreri
Erika Zappe


Stephanie Berman
Angela Hawkins
Susan Lopez-Payan


Shirley Hodges
Zina Mirsky
Kevin Souza


Laurel Bray-Hanin
Marie Caffey
Carrie Steere-Salazar


Tim Greer
Bonnie Johnson
Cynthia Lynch Leathers


Richard Capra
Jon Giacomi
Anja Paardekooper


Maye Chrisman
Marge O’Halloran
Clifford Skinner


Christina Cicoletti
Larisa Kure
Naledi Saul


Susan J. O'Hara
Lisa Raskulinec
Eunice Stephens


Aleksandrina Eppel
Michael Nordberg
Jane Wong


Michael Chen
Bernadette Jimenez
Georgina Lopez


Jane Czech
Cynthia Watchmaker
Alesia Woods


Clarice Estrada
Mounira Kenaani
Philip O'Brien
Laurae Pearson


Jennifer Dowd
Pamela Hayes
Angela Marks
Jane Rabbitt
Karen White Horn


Molly Frances Battistelli
Michael L. Helle
Janelle Smith Hernandez
Tristin Penland