Chancellor’s Committees

Chancellor committees provide a structured forum from which senior leadership is apprised of recommendations and concerns from the diverse campus community and can maximize enterprise-wide potential and expertise to further the success and mission of the University.

Guidance on Composition of Leadership Committees

All committees appointed by the Chancellor or members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet shall comprise 50% women, nonbinary and gender nonconforming individuals, and underrepresented minorities (URM). Learn more.


Chancellor’s Advisory Committees

The Chancellor sits on the following committees, which directly advise on key areas related to UCSF policy and strategy.

Budget & Investment Committee

The Budget & Investment Committee (B&I) operates as a group of senior leaders whose principal role is to advise the Chancellor on budgetary and investment issues that are of critical importance to the performance, successful growth, and reputation of UCSF.

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Leadership Committees

The following committees are composed of faculty, staff and students – with a broad representation of the UCSF community – who oversee specific areas and provide feedback and recommendations to senior leadership.

Chancellor’s Council

The Chancellor’s Council serves to provide the Chancellor and senior leadership feedback on ideas being considered for further development; to ensure that the Chancellor and senior leadership have direct input regarding areas of concern affecting the UCSF community; and to engage with the Chancellor and senior leadership on enterprise-wide topics of importance, issues critical to individual constituencies, and priorities essential to UCSF growth and continued excellence.

Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion

The Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion (4CI) serves to advise the Chancellor and, as appropriate, the campus community regarding campus climate issues that leave many faculty, trainees, students and staff feeling marginalized; to engender the identification and sharing of best practices that promote diversity and inclusion; to monitor progress on the campuses; and to provide effective oversight.

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Ethics, Compliance, and Audit Executive Committee

The Ethics, Compliance and Audit Executive Committee provides oversight of the UCSF Ethics, Compliance, and Audit programs. The committee enables accessibility to the Chancellor, escalates risks, and provides a problem-solving group to address ethics, compliance, and audit concerns at the highest level.

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Global Disaster Assistance Committee

The UCSF Global Disaster Assistance Committee (GDAC) provides responsive, appropriate and respectful support when disasters strike that addresses both the acute crisis as well as longer-term needs of countries, including our own.

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UCSF Investigation Group

The UCSF Investigation Group serves a critical function in maintaining an effective program for managing and investigating whistleblower complaints alleging improper governmental activities and its purpose is to provide guidance, advice and/or coordination for investigative activities and to facilitate communications among appropriate parties, as requested.



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