Award for Public Service

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Eligibility, nomination guidelines, and previous recipients of Chancellor Award for Public Service. Includes information on the Burbridge Award and Uno Award.

The nomination period has closed for 2023. Please direct any questions regarding the Award for Public Service to [email protected].

    Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

    Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Be a UCSF academic or staff employee (with a minimum 50% appointment), or a student, a resident, or a postdoctoral scholar at the time of nomination (questions regarding academic status, employment, and enrollment eligibility can be answered by Human Resources or Student Academic Affairs prior to submitting a nomination).
    • Have not previously received the award.
    • Have exhibited and sustained efforts toward engaging in public service as delineated below by the "Selection Criteria.”

    Selection Criteria

    Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

    • Base of Operations—demonstrates devotion to performing public service proportionate to their capacity to do so (some employees in higher level positions/jobs may have a greater capacity to perform public service more visibly than those in lower level positions).
    • Scope—demonstrates public service contribution(s) beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research or training.
    • Effort—demonstrates significant output beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research or training in the accomplishment of their public service.
    • Impact—demonstrates that their public service has resulted in long-term benefits to recipients and community at large.
    • Model Program—demonstrates that their public service resulted in a model or potential model for the establishment of other programs or activities.
    • Use of Resource—demonstrates minimal reliance on UCSF resources to perform their public service.

    Additionally, a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Public Service may also be selected to receive the Thomas N. Burbridge or the Edison T. Uno Public Service Award (click below on these awards for further information.)

    Criteria for the Burbridge Award

    Involvement in public service activities that specifically promote and bring about equal education and employment opportunities, civil rights, and social justice.

    About Dr. Thomas N. Burbridge: Thomas Burbridge earned his PhD in Pharmacology from UCSF and joined the faculty of the School of Medicine in 1956. His humanitarian concern led him to interrupt his pursuit of a doctoral degree in Pharmacology in order to help in the development of a medical education program in Indonesia following that country's struggle for independence. In addition, Dr. Burbridge made several trips to southern states to recruit medical students to UCSF from predominantly black universities. He is most widely known for his leadership of the San Francisco NAACP during the time of the "Auto Row Sit-Ins" at the automobile dealerships that once thrived along Van Ness Avenue. In this case, a non-violent, direct action strategy brought about equal employment opportunities for minorities. This was one of several efforts he pursued to promote civil rights and social justice.

    Criteria for the Uno Award

    Involvement in a minimum of two unrelated public service activities with social, political, or civic groups that promote human rights and bring about social change.

    About Edison T. Uno: Edison Uno was Assistant Dean of Students at UCSF from 1969 to 1974. In addition to his job responsibilities, he was a participant and leader in a number of social and political causes and organizations. He was involved in the struggle to repeal the law that permitted the incarceration of Japanese Americans in detention camps, and was one of the leaders of the effort to establish the Ethnic Studies program at San Francisco State University during the 1960s. In the 1970s, he was the first person of Japanese descent to be appointed to serve on the San Francisco Grand Jury, while at the same time a critic of that system's exclusion of other minorities.  These are but a few examples that demonstrate Mr. Uno's commitment to human rights and social change.

    Past Recipients


    • Malcolm John
    • Phuoc V. Le (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Sriram Shamasunder (Edison T. Uno Award)


    • Roberto Efraín Díaz (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Daniel Grossman
    • Shira Shavit (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Hoa Su
    • Taia Sean Wu


    • Joel Babdor
    • Jessica Celentano
    • Alicia Fernandez (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Adeola Oni-Orisan (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • George Rutherford


    • Margot Kushel (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Rupa Marya (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Bhavya Rehani
    • Priya Shankar


    • Jonathan Butler
    • Melanie Callen
    • Eleanor Chung (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Daniel Ciccarone
    • Monica McLemore (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Kristin Cosner
    • Elizabeth Robbins (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Shannon Weber
    • Valerie Yerger


    • Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo
    • Wayne Cheung
    • Peter Cooch
    • Heyman Oo
    • Coleen Kivlahan (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Suzanne Barakat (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Maritza Lopez
    • Robert H. Lustig
    • Robert Mansfield (Edison T. Uno Award)


    • Jirayut “New” Latthivongskorn (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Obieze Nwanna-Nzewunwa
    • Howard Pollick


    • Bibhav Acharya (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Melvin Heyman
    • Charles Morgan
    • Carolyn Sufrin (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Chris Waddling


    • James Dilley
    • John Fan
    • Kate Hirschman-Levy
    • Robert Pitts


    • Neha Das
    • Kevin Grumbach
    • Winifred Kwofie


    • Dahianna Lopez
    • William P. Schecter
    • Alvin Teodoro


    • Rochelle Ami Dicker
    • Dixie Horning
    • Josie Lehrer


    • Heather Hertema
    • Dan Lowenstein
    • Charles (Jeff) Sheehy


    • Sara Gallagher
    • Simin Marefat (also awarded the Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Melanie Ott (also awarded the Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Jason Miller
    • Francisco Ramos-Gomez
    • James Wong


    • Diana Block
    • Glen Elliott
    • Janelle Palacios


    • Omri Berger
    • Clifton Louie
    • Naomi Wortis


    • Mary Bradsberry
    • Steven Schiff
    • Christopher Stewart


    • MariaElena Alioto
    • Stephen McPhee
    • Jennifer Vanderleest


    • Davidson Bidwell-Waite
    • Jamie Lara
    • Philip Rosenthal
    • Karen Skjei


    • Arthur Ablin
    • Cherie Bremer-Kamp (also awarded the Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Smruti Vidwans


    • Joseph Bluford (also awarded the Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Phuong Khuu
    • Ruth Malone (also awarded the Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Barbara L. Wenger


    • Philip Darney
    • Eva M. McGhee (also awarded the Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Trinity Ordona (also awarded the Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Richard Wagner


    • Lawrence Brown
    • P. Leon King (also awarded the Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Helen Miramontes (also awarded the Edison T. Uno Award)


    • Nelson Artiga-Diaz (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Derrick Butler
    • Stanton Glantz (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Avis Ransburg


    • Kofi Ampin (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Jennifer Danek (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Brian Desmond
    • Jaqueline Peterson-Tulsky


    • Connie Bear King (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Michael Mccullough (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Barbara Wilson-Thompson


    • Crystal Scott
    • Brandy Sebron-Kelley (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • M. Michael Thaler (also awarded the Edison T. Uno Award)


    • Charles Gooding
    • Bill Lee
    • Marcia Smith (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Josh Bottfeld
    • Donald Masuda (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Isiah Mitchell (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Valerie Edwards (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Blaine Elsewood
    • Patricia Underwood


    • Christie Kiefer
    • Hilary Naylor (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Kristin Oberg (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • David O. Bracker
    • Janet D. Cole
    • Daniel M. Wlodarczyk


    • Gerald L. Hill (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Rolland C. Lowe (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Carol A. Mowbray


    • Marcus A. Conant
    • Marie J. Rhodes
    • David Siegel (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Oscar Salvatierra, Jr.
    • Hiroshi Tokubo (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • E. Leong Way


    • Bobby Campbell
    • Delmer Pascoe
    • David Sanchez, Jr. (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)


    • Joseph Barbaccia
    • Estrella Manio
    • Samuel Wycoff


    • Lucy Crain
    • Stella Kiyota (Edison T. Uno Award)
    • Theodore Tong


    • Benjamin Braly
    • Michael A. LeNoir (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Mona Sarfaty


    • James Cobb (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Roy Halliday
    • James Louie (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Gregory S. Thomas


    • Patricia G. Calarco
    • Holly H. Elliott (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Carol B. Hardgrove
    • Jeanette K. Ong


    • George L. Ellman
    • Eric A. Owyang (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • John A. Watson


    • Sharon D. MacLachlan
    • Lewis N. Nelson (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Mary Olney


    • A. Freeman Bradley (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Wanda James
    • Ruth Prael


    • Patricia Diridoni (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Kathryn Forbes
    • Miriam Gould


    • Michael Drake (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • David Johnson
    • David Smith


    • Joanne Lewis (Thomas N. Burbridge Award)
    • Joseph Spinelli
    • Alfred Staubus


    • Laurel Glass
    • David Hayes-Bautista
    • Edison T. Uno


    • Herbert Brosbe
    • Thomas N. Burbridge
    • Frederick Meyers