Purpose of Cabinet

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The Cabinet serves as a forum for ensuring that its members effectively communicate about campuswide and community issues, share best practices and develop leadership capabilities. The Chancellor may choose to delegate decision-making for particular activities to the Cabinet.

Purpose of Chancellor's Cabinet

  • Assist the Chancellor and Chancellor’s Executive Team (CET) in identifying and addressing issues related to the mission, vision and strategy of UCSF
  • Provide advisory and expert input to the Chancellor and CET to enhance the quality of decisions and their implementation, especially on significant issues that affect the campus as a whole
  • At the request of the Chancellor, make decisions on particular topics or situations
  • Communicate and implement UCSF policies and strategic activities within their own areas of responsibility
  • Bring attention and share advice on important issues that arise from their own areas of responsibility, especially those that have institution-wide implications
  • Ensure that the perspective and values of the UCSF community and employees are understood and reflected in discussions and decisions among the CET and Cabinet
  • Build institutional leadership by sharing ideas, problem solving and learning from each other