Award for Exceptional University Service

This award recognizes exceptional individual service contributions to UCSF by staff members who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the betterment of UCSF, devoting time as well as energy to serve the university and campus community. Award recipients exhibit extraordinary professional commitment to university service and citizenship beyond the scope of their individual functions at UCSF, and serve as role models for future generations of UCSF staff.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have been a career UCSF employee for at least five years with a minimum 50% staff appointment at the time of nomination.
  • Have a P-series (P2-P5) classification or equivalent classification in UCSF Health.
  • Have been vetted and endorsed by their supervisor and department head.
  • Have not previously received the award.
  • Have exhibited and sustained outstanding service to the University as delineated below by the “Selection Criteria.”
  • NOTE: Proof regarding classification and employment eligibility must be attained from your departmental personnel assistant or your Human Resources customer service representative prior to submitting a nomination.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

  • Time – How much time beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research, or training does the nominee devote to exceptionally serve the University?
  • Activity – How does the nominee’s service activity exceptionally surpass the responsibilities of their position?
  • Benefit – How has the University and its priorities—continuous learning, equity and inclusion, precision medicine, and transformative partnerships—substantially benefitted from this nominee’s service?
  • Participation – How does the nominee exceed expectations when actively participating, interacting, and collaborating with the campus community to provide exceptional service to the University?
  • Lasting Impact – How has the nominee’s service benefited the University over an extended period of time?

Required Nomination Materials

Please submit all nomination materials electronically:

  • Completed nomination form
  • One nomination letter citing specific examples identifying the nominee’s above and beyond service contributions per each of the “Selection Criteria.”
  • Up to two support letters citing specific examples about the nominee's above and beyond service contributions as related to the above “Selection Criteria.” Note: support letters may be endorsed by multiple supporters.

For questions, please contact Suya Colorado-Caldwell.

Past Recipients


Donna Brill
Priscila Ednalgan
Janet Jacobsen
Joan Williamson


Margaret Ambeau
Carol Brito
Ellen Curran
Elizabeth Ellison
Maureen Guinea


Laura Arita-Wong
Jack Jansen
Silvia Kuzmicz
Mike Poole
Clinton (Doug) Wakefield
Joyce Wickett


Willa Crowell
Tracie Ginest
Sharon Lamb


Judy Bishop
Marie Caffey
David Heard
Robert Hellman
Karen Mah-Hing
Gail Mametsuka


Shirleko Dai
Kathleen Healy
Patricia Hunter
Brigid Ide
Ron Kos
Mariwil Wong


Elaine Bodeen
Eunice Chee
Daisy Leo
Rachel Mozesson
John Newman
Lynda Zammarchi


Regina Dossey
Debra Harris
Robert Shadel
B. Sharon Spaulding


Reggie Hamilton
Georgia Hansen
Ira Wilson-Butler


Sherman Chin
Isaac Sato
Lillian Wong


Coral Etkin
Shane Snowdon
William Strobridge


Harry James
Jeanie Murakawa
Cornel Nickelson


Kenton Chee
Russell Fitzgerald
Jo Ann Lopez


Ramona Lipske
Grace Nonomura
Michael Wong


Yolonda James-Miller
Zoila Kelly
James Ponder
Anita Skidmore


Frank Farm
Rebecca Gates
Carla Graf
Robert Lehr


Carlito Reola
Janine Sabatte-Caspillo
Janet Williams


Kirk Hudson
Joann LaCasse
Diane Wong


Joyce Bringas
George Schoenbachler
Carol Viele


Claire Lee
Jep Poon
Suzanne Sutton


Barbara Bagot-Lopez
Julie Lindow
Vilma Zarate


Judith Laughlin
Katherine Murphy


Pamela Chu
Cristina Morrison
William Tarangioli


James Betbeze
Brenda Gee
Roberto Vargas


Susan Lau
Roger Mraz
Don Woodson


Travis Clark
Khang Nguyen
Robert Pizzi


R. Sarah Elmes
Leeane Jensen
Heather Nichols


Susan Bluestone
Jody Lesko
Caroline Prioleau


Sarah Dulaney
Paul Franke
Judy Fuller
Maria Rina Simon


Lisa Cisneros
LaMisha Hill
Laura Ishkanian
Lisa Mogannam