UCSF Medal

The UCSF Medal, initiated in 1975, is our most prestigious campus award. It recognizes individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions in areas associated with the university and its missions as well as those who inspire the work of those at UCSF to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

A replacement to granting honorary degrees, the UCSF Medal is an expression of appreciation by the UCSF community for individuals whose life work is consonant with UCSF’s mission and whose contributions are of a scope and quality that justify the campus’ highest recognition.

Founder's Day Medal

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees of the UCSF Medal must have attained preeminence in an area encompassed by any of the missions of UCSF:

  • attracting and educating the nation’s most promising students
  • providing our patients the best health care
  • encouraging and supporting research and scholarly activities
  • serving local and global communities through education and service programs

In addition, nominees may be an educator, a health care service provider, a research scientist/scholar, or a humanitarian. Accomplishments must reflect the core values of UCSF. A personal association with UCSF is not required.

Elected officials currently in office are not eligible for the award. Faculty members who fulfill the criteria, as described may be nominated but must have held emeritus status or have been retired for at least one year and not hold any current administrative or policymaking position within the university. An exception is made for Nobel Laureates.

UCSF Medal awardees are honored at an annual celebration.


Recommendations may be submitted using this nomination form or by sending a statement of nomination via email that describes:

  • The contributions that make the nominee worthy of the UCSF Medal, clearly indicating which of the UCSF mission area(s) mentioned above apply.
    • Note that additional supporting documentation in the form of references or links is welcome (e.g., a concise biographical article summarizing the nominee's achievements).
  • How the nominee has inspired your work and the work of others at UCSF to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the UCSF mission area(s) described above.

Optional: A description of stakeholders who should be invited to a celebration event should the nominee be selected, as well as ideas for the format and location (e.g., lecture, Q&A interview, etc.). Please also consider identifying 2 to 3 champions that could consult on event planning.

Please direct questions to Maureen Gomes, Office of the Chancellor. Submissions are due no later than May 10, at 5 p.m.

Past Recipients




Nancy C. Andreasen
Nancy A. Aossey
Melvin M. Grumbach
and Herbert and Marion Sandler



Dorothy Bainton
William K. Bowes, Jr.
Dolores Huerta
Robert S. Langer


Willie L. Brown, Jr.
F. Warren Hellman
Janet D. Rowley
Eugenie C. Scott


Brook Byers
Robert Derzon
Wendy Kopp
Mamphela Ramphele



Jane Brody
Andrew S. Grove
Rudi Schmid
Maxine F. Singer


Lawrence K. Altman
Phillip W. Borges
Mary-Claire King
Nan McEvoy


T. Robert Burke
Rosalynn Carter
Richard Goldman
Nancy Hopkins
Charles B. Wilson



Harold P. Freeman
Dorothy P. Rice
Donna E. Shalala
Alejandro Zaffaroni


Moses “Mish” Grossman
and Bernard and Barbro Osher
Lloyd H. “Holly” Smith, Jr.
Mimi Silbert


Purnell W. Choppin
Alexander Margulis
David Perlman
Jeanne Robertson



Gerson Bakar and Barbara Bass Bakar
Ephraim P. Engleman
John C. Greene


Don and Doris Fisher
William B. Kerr
Joanne A. Lewis
Joseph B. Martin
Stanley B. Prusiner


Shirley S. Chater
Marian Wright Edelman
J.S. Lee
Philip R. Lee



Dorothy Frank
Jere Goyan
William J. Rutter
The Gladstone Foundation Trustees: Richard S. Brawerman, Albert A. Dorman, and Richard D. Jones


Sarah Gomez Erlach
David Smith
George Thorn


A. W. Clausen
Bruce Alberts



Julius R. Krevans


Herbert W. Boyer, Jr.
Eugene L. Friend
Yori Wada


Clark Kerr
Samuel Thier
Eugene Trefethen



J. Michael Bishop
C. Everett Koop
Barbara McClintock
Lewis Thomas
Harold Varmus


William O. Reinhardt
Ellen Brown
James P. Livingston


Dianne Feinstein
Jim Geary
Rev. Cecil Williams & Janice Mirikitani
George J. Wood



David (Sallie) Allen
Arnold O. Beckman
William L. Gee
Walter Sullivan


Father Alfred Boeddeker
Ruth Chance
Robert Kroc
Saul Robinson


William K. Coblentz
Frank and Roxie Moradian
Charles A. Noble, Jr.
Elizabeth Thompson Sooy



Francis J. Curry
Ernest Gallo
John J. Sampson


Seymour M. Farber
Robert J. Glaser
Lucile P. Leone
Ellen Magnin Newman
Malcolm S. M. Watts


Francis A. Sooy



Saul and Ida Epstein
Carlotta Fleming
Nathan Malamud
Frances A. Torrey


Eleanor Crum
Donald D. Doyle
J. Englebert Dunphy
Otto E. Guttentag
Alexander Simon


Stuart C. Cullen
Jack D. Lange
Joseph M. Long
Clarence L. Malan
Howard C. (Louise) Naffziger



Leslie L. Bennett
Julius H. Comroe, Jr.
Edward (Elinor) Heller
Walter S. Newman


Cyril Magnin
Helen E. Nahm
Edward B. Shaw
Idaree Westbrook


Troy C. Daniels
Gardiner Johnson
Mary B. Olney
Milo Rowell



Morris Bernstein
Charles J. Hitch
Chauncey D. Leake
Tom Mellon
John B. de C. M. Saunders