Tragedies in Israel, Gaza, and Afghanistan

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Tragedies in Israel, Gaza, and Afghanistan

A message regarding the deeply distressing news from Israel and Gaza, as well as the tragic earthquakes in Afghanistan. Links are provided to aid in rescue and recovery efforts in Afghanistan.

Dear UCSF Community,

The news from Israel and Gaza this weekend is deeply distressing and it is impossible not to feel a profound sense of heartbreak for the many lives across the region that have been lost thus far.

As members of the UCSF community, we come from diverse backgrounds, with unique perspectives and experiences—but it is in times like these that we are reminded of our shared humanity. The suffering and loss that people in the Middle East are experiencing transcend borders, and we have a collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with all those who are impacted by this crisis. I encourage us to reach out to our colleagues, friends, and loved ones who may be hurting.

Over the weekend, the world also learned of another tragedy: severe earthquakes in Afghanistan where officials are estimating the loss of lives in the thousands. If you have the means, consider supporting organizations involved in the rescue and recovery efforts, such as the following:

The conflicts in the Middle East, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe, along with several recent natural disasters, can feel overwhelming. Please make use of the support services available for students, faculty, and staff if you could benefit from them. Seek assistance if you need it, and remember that it is okay to ask for help during difficult times.

As a community of scholars, researchers, healthcare professionals, and compassionate individuals, we have a role to play in promoting peace and understanding. In advancing health for all, let us continue to work together, uphold our PRIDE Values, and hold onto hope for a better, more peaceful world.

Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

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