Encampment at Parnassus Heights

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Encampment at Parnassus Heights

Announcement is made regarding closure of the encampment at Parnassus Heights campus.

Dear UCSF Community,

This morning, I made the difficult but necessary decision to close the encampment at our Parnassus Heights campus. We gave the individuals who were present the opportunity to leave the site with their personal possessions, and I am grateful that they disbanded peacefully.

It is my responsibility as chancellor to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people and support the excellence of our mission. The encampment and the protestors’ behavior were disruptive to our educational activities, faculty work, and, most significantly, the healing environment we promise to our patients. The group willfully refused to comply with UCSF policies governing expressive activities despite multiple requests. They also stole construction materials and damaged University property.

I did not negotiate with these individuals because they refused to identify themselves, and it was clear that some were not affiliated with UCSF. In addition, their demands were in direct conflict with UC Regents’ policies. The governance of our University depends on the consistent application of our policies to all, regardless of viewpoint.

UCSF has a long history of activism that is a great source of pride. Free and open expression allows us to explore diverse ideas and exchange knowledge, which are the foundation of a vibrant intellectual community. But we can never allow any activities that interfere with our duty to care for our patients and our ability to sustain the excellence of our academic work.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

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