Francesca Vega

Vice Chancellor, Community and Government Relations

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Francesca Vega began her appointment as vice chancellor of Community and Government Relations on August 26, 2019. Reporting directly to UCSF’s chancellor and leading a team of Community and Government Relations professionals, Francesca facilitates the University’s interactions with local, state, and federal governments, as well as its relationship with the business community, neighboring communities, and various other stakeholder entities.

Prior to beginning her appointment at UCSF, Francesca was active in the political and public policy arenas for the last 15 years in Sacramento and Los Angeles. Education and access to higher education are Francesca’s priority issues as a means of empowering historically impoverished communities. Strengthening the educational pipeline through access to affordable educational opportunities has been a critical aspect of Francesca’s personal interests and professional work in the legislature and in public higher education. Having worked in various political campaigns over the years, Francesca is a skilled advocate and coalition builder.

Before coming to UCSF, Francesca served as vice president of Government and Community Relations at Cal State Northridge, and served as an assistant director of State Government Relations at UCLA. She began her professional career in the California State Assembly in 2001 and relocated to Los Angeles from Sacramento in 2005 to work with the late Assemblymember Marco Firebaugh. Francesca graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in government and a minor in sociology from California State University, Sacramento.

Francesca is currently a board member of the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project and was previously a board member of various other civic organizations in the Southern California region including the Child Development Institute; Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed); the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), where she served as co-chair of the Education Committee; and the 33rd California Congressional District Leadership Council. Born and raised in Yuba City, California, Francesca now considers San Francisco her home.