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October 23, 2014
UC System
UCSF Health

Dear Colleagues:

While there are no confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease in California, today Governor Brown and the California Health and Human Services Agency will announce that all five University of California medical centers, including UCSF, have been identified as priority hospitals to treat confirmed patients with Ebola.

We at UCSF Medical Center are committed to providing the highest quality and safest care to the patients we serve, which is why so many of you - our physicians, nurses, clinical laboratory scientists and staff -- have spent a significant amount of time and thought preparing to care for a potential patient with Ebola.

In recent weeks, after much consideration, we identified a site for an isolation unit to treat any patients who may seek our care. The isolation unit is being constructed in one of the existing intensive care (ICU) units on the Mount Zion campus. The construction design and specifications were based on detailed information from the biocontainment units at Emory University and Nebraska Medical Center, two hospitals that have successfully treated patients with Ebola virus infection. The location of this unit is designed to allow for the proper facilities, equipment and resources, as well as infection control practices, to ensure patient and staff safety. A temporary isolation unit with the same specifications has already been set up in this ICU.

If UCSF receives a patient with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus infection, all other patients will be moved out of the ICU to other comparable locations at UCSF prior to the arrival of the Ebola patient.

Access to the isolation unit will then be tightly restricted and...

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