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An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

July 3, 2019

Dear Members of the UCSF Community,

We are writing to share a brief summary of results of the 2019 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey conducted in May. Thank you to all of the staff who voiced your opinions. This survey is important because it helps us understand your experiences at work and our progress toward our shared goal of making UCSF a great place to work.

We achieved 72% participation across the UCSF campus and UCSF Health West Bay, an overall increase of 2% compared to last year. We also continue to have a very slight improvement in staff engagement. Our grand mean score, on a five-point scale, increased by .02 to 3.96 in 2019, compared to the .01 increase between the 2017 and 2018 surveys. While these are improvements, we remain far from our goal to be among the best organizations in the country.

The 2019 results also show where we must continue to focus efforts. The gap between populations of employees who are more and less engaged remains significant, although our latest results show it has narrowed slightly.

The positive news is that staff remain steadfast in their strong connection to the UCSF mission and their dedication to quality work. Additionally, teams who engaged in action planning and made meaningful progress on those plans showed higher overall engagement again this year.

Highly engaged staff correlate to positive improvements in all areas of an organization. We are making progress and know there are two key ways that everyone at UCSF can contribute:

  • First, we encourage managers to communicate your results with your teams, set goals, and implement action plans throughout the year. You can find resources on the...
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