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June 18, 2018

Dear Members of the UCSF Community:

It is with sadness that we share the news that Lloyd “Holly” Smith, Jr., MD, professor and chairman emeritus of the UCSF Department of Medicine, passed away yesterday at home at the age of 94. Holly was a luminary in the fields of medical education and research, and his absence will be felt not only at UCSF but well beyond.

When Holly joined UCSF in 1964 as the chairman of the Department of Medicine, there were only fifty full-time members (it now numbers approximately 750). He led the department through a period of exceptional and unprecedented growth, recruiting and mentoring faculty in record numbers, many of whom went on to be outstanding leaders in their fields.

Known for his witty aphorisms, Holly once said, “Experiment. Take some chances. Remember the Peter Pan Principle, ‘most things peter out but some will pan out.’” Undoubtedly, many of UCSF’s greatest successes were realized as a direct result of Holly’s innovative ideas and unwavering devotion to leading by example.

Despite receiving innumerable awards and accolades throughout his career, Holly always emphasized his debt to his colleagues and UCSF for his successes. His humble nature, humor, and grace are exemplified by the recipients of the annual Lloyd Holly Smith Award for Exceptional Service to the School of Medicine, established in 2000 to recognize outstanding career service that has resulted in broad and long-lasting benefit to the School of Medicine. To learn more about Holly’s remarkable life and career,...

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