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An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

July 20, 2014
UC System

Dear Colleagues:

UCSF’s Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program (STAR) Program is an opportunity to recognize and reward exceptional work that helps UCSF successfully meet our common objectives. This program furthers UCSF’s Strategic Plan and, ultimately, our vision to advance health worldwide. While our goals are challenging, success in achieving them will have a dramatic impact on our ability to sustain the excellence of UCSF.

Due to the concerted efforts of many people across UCSF, several initiatives linked to the STAR FY14 department goals were accomplished that support our collective success. I appreciate the intensity of the work that many faculty and staff have invested, recognizing the extra determination to get the job done.

2014–15 STAR program

The STAR program will continue in fiscal year 2014–15. Similar to last year, there is the potential to provide cash awards for non-represented staff employees who demonstrate significant achievements and contributions in support of targeted strategic objectives.

This fiscal year we will continue with a goal in support of employee engagement, and each organization will institute one additional goal directly linked to the advancement of UCSF’s Strategic Plan. Supervisors will share details of this program in the coming weeks with employees providing information on how to participate. In July 2015, the UCSF leadership team will assess accomplishments against those goals and consider recognition awards up to $2,000 for MSP job levels and $800 for PSS job levels.

It is important to share upfront that the UC Office of the President retains the authority to discontinue this plan at any time. A decision to...

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