Campus Messages

An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

June 1, 2020

Your new gateway to benefits and pay has arrived. All UCSF-paid employees may now access UCPath – the University of California’s modern human resources, benefits and payroll system. Review your checklist to see the recommended actions you may want to take now that UCPath is live.

UCPath Online Portal

The UCPath online portal gives you 24/7 self-service access to payroll, benefits and human resources information from your mobile devices or computer.

Go to MyAccess to log into the UCPath online portal.

  • In order to verify your identity and protect your information, DUO multifactor authentication is required each time you log into UCPath.
  • Additional steps are required on your first login:
    • Set up five security questions to prevent unauthorized access or changes to your financial, health benefits, or personal information.
    • Complete a self-identification questionnaire about veteran and disability status, race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. You may select “decline to state” for any question, but sharing information provides important data about UC’s workforce and informs UC’s efforts to create an inclusive environment.
  • More information about logging into UCPath, including software simulations, is available on the UCPath website.
Support and Help

UCPath online’s modern interface is easy to use. When you are ready to take action, job aids, software simulations and other...

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April 2, 2020

Dear Members of the UCSF Community,

After careful consideration and in consultation with the Office of the President, UCSF leadership has determined that the implementation of UCPath is essential and we will be proceeding with our June 1, 2020 launch. UCPath replaces our antiquated payroll and personnel system with modern technology that can accommodate future growth and changes to our organization. UCSF is one of only three locations systemwide that have not yet converted to UCPath.

The COVID-19 crisis brings ongoing challenges to our entire organization. UCPath implementation and training plans have been modified to meet the requirements of our new reality and to minimize impacts to our frontline care providers.

  • For most employees, a few preparatory actions are recommended but none are required unless you need to make changes in At Your Service Online (AYSO). Changes to personal information, direct deposit, and withholding must be made in AYSO by April 23.
  • Managers and supervisors should review the cutover schedule for changes to human resources and payroll deadlines through June 1.
  • Some campus employees will be entering or approving actions directly in UCPath. These campus employees (not applicable to UCSF Health employees) will be notified about their training requirements and should begin their online training.

Action checklists are available to guide you through the steps you can take to...

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August 21, 2019
UCSF Health

Dear Colleagues:

We are requesting your cooperation to be mindful of your actions in our community as UCSF continues to receive complaints from our neighbors about litter left in front of their houses.

While our neighbors’ concerns likely are the actions of a few people, they cast a negative image of our organization to our surrounding community. Our neighbors’ specific complaints primarily are about discarded cigarettes, gloves, food wrappers, and medical garbage.

Maintaining positive relationships with our immediate neighbors is very important to UCSF. We work with our neighbors on shared activities to improve the safety of areas in which UCSF employees and students live and travel to work and study. They are critical partners in our planning to construct new buildings or create new programs for patients and families. But even more important, being a good neighbor is simply the right thing to do.

We have policies in effect that we expect everyone to follow, and we request that you treat our neighboring community as if it is your own. Please note the following information:

  • Remove all gloves, masks, and hairnets and place them, as well as all medical garbage, in trash receptacles inside of our buildings. It is not appropriate to discard any of these materials in outside receptacles.
  • UCSF is a tobacco-free and smoke-free campus, which includes our neighboring communities. This policy is in effect for all University of California...
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June 26, 2017
UC System

Dear Colleagues,

The following is effective immediately throughout UCSF:

California state employees as well as employees of the University of California are prohibited from using state funds to travel to eight states that have enacted laws limiting the rights of LGBT people.

Last week, California’s Attorney General added four states to the travel ban – Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas. State employees were already prohibited from traveling on official business to the states of Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee under a law adopted by the State Legislature last year. The law, AB 1887, bars state-funded travel to states that allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The use of state funds to travel to these eight states is prohibited unless certain required circumstances apply. The ban does not affect travel that is paid for or reimbursed using non-state funds.

For specifics on the travel ban, please review this list of Frequently Asked Questions prepared by the UC Office of the President. If you have additional questions, please contact the UCSF Controller’s Office at (415) 476-2126 and [email protected].


Paul Jenny
Senior Vice Chancellor
Finance and Administration