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UCSF Stands Up For Science

Dear Members of the UCSF Community:

As a public university, UCSF is firmly grounded in the belief that the expansion of knowledge, through scientific discovery, is core to our society’s freedom and prosperity. We also believe that our strength as a university stems from a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, and respects every individual regardless of his or her religion or national origin.

To reaffirm and celebrate these values, UCSF will “Stand Up for Science” in solidarity with other members of the academic and scientific communities, including the Gladstone Institutes and the California Life Sciences Association. On Saturday, April 22, two morning events are scheduled to take place at Mission Bay:

  • “Stand Up for Science” Teach-In (8-10 a.m.), featuring UCSF faculty members who, during their careers, have pursued research that has clashed with political sentiments. Listen to stories from those experienced in advancing evidence-based health policy when politics interfered or presented seemingly immovable obstacles. RSVP to attend this event. The teach-in will be available via livestream.
  • “Stand Up for Science” Rally (10-10:45 a.m.), with the local life sciences community to speak out for our shared values of diversity and inclusion in advancing scientific discovery.

Many of you have expressed interest in joining the March for Science later in the day. UCSF supports and encourages all members of our community who seek to engage in public discourse that conveys the critical role of science in shaping sound public policy and shows support for the work we do at UCSF that benefits society. At the same time, please be mindful of our role as a public institution. Since the university at-large is not an official “sponsor” of the march, your participation in the march is as an individual, not as a representative of the university. What this means is that you may use your UCSF title to identify yourself and your profession, but you may not speak on behalf of, or represent, UCSF. For more information, please refer to guidance on brand logo usage as well as political advocacy.

For those traveling to the Washington, D.C., march, you’re invited to join a UCSF Advocacy Day on Monday, April 24. Meet with key members of the California Congressional delegation to advocate for biomedical research and other policies that are of critical importance to our community.

Finally, continue the conversation at the 10th Annual Chancellor’s Diversity Leadership Forum on Thursday, April 27, where UCSF leaders will lead a panel discussion on fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in science.

UCSF strongly supports the robust public funding of scientific research and education, the application of evidence-based knowledge in public policy, and the scientists whose diverse perspectives and backgrounds make our institution better. I applaud our community for addressing – and defending – these values, and for recognizing their importance during this time of standing up for science.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor