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Supporting Our Veterans

Dear UCSF Community,

Please join us in expressing gratitude to our veterans who served in Afghanistan and the Middle East for their courage and sacrifices that spanned four U.S. presidents over 20 years.

The departure of the last U.S. plane from Afghanistan on Monday marked the coda to a very long war. However, it may take more time before many people find closure. In the midst of the U.S. transition, we recognize that complicated feelings and questions have been raised about American involvement in Afghanistan. For those who have family or friends still in the country, the events of the past few weeks, including a bombing that took the lives of civilians and U.S. troops, are even more difficult to bear.

Chancellor Sam Hawgood recently shared resources for those who want to support the humanitarian relief effort in Afghanistan. In addition, Student Veteran and Military Support Services has compiled a list of resources for veterans who may need support at this challenging time. We provide both sets of resources below and encourage everyone to review and make use of them.

As we make sense of what comes next in Afghanistan, we want our veterans to know that UCSF is here to support you. We are proud of you and your family members who have been there in support of your service to our country. You are all an important part of the diversity that strengthens our UCSF community.


Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, MAS
Chief of Staff, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Health Care System
Associate Dean, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Dr. Robert B. and Mrs. Ellinor Aird Professor of Neurology


Resources for Veterans
Resources for Supporting Afghanistan Relief Efforts