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Results of 2022 Staff Engagement Survey

Dear Members of the UCSF Community,

We are writing to share a brief summary of results from the 2022 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey conducted this past spring and convey our gratitude to all of the staff employees who participated. The staff engagement survey matters because it helps us understand workplace experiences and gauge progress toward our shared goal of making UCSF a great place to work. We also invite you to join UCSF leadership for the 2022 Staff Engagement Results Town Hall on July 28.

We achieved 69 percent participation, compared to 67 percent participation in 2021, across the UCSF campus, including UCSF Fresno, UCSF Health West Bay, and Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Our engagement grand mean score, on a five-point scale, decreased slightly by .02 to 3.92 in 2022, while our belonging index score increased slightly by .02 to 3.82.

With over two years of living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic, we will learn from the important data provided by the staff engagement survey about our progress on engagement as well as the challenges faced by our staff teammates. The gap in engagement between different populations remains significant and an important area of focus across UCSF.

Staff remain steadfast in their strong connection to the UCSF mission and their dedication to quality work. Additionally, as in years past, teams at UCSF that used survey results to address areas of opportunity showed strong improvement in engagement and higher overall satisfaction.

Highly engaged staff correlate to positive improvements in all areas of an organization. We are making headway and know that everyone has the power and responsibility to make UCSF a better place to work in two ways:

  • First, we encourage managers to communicate results with their teams, set goals, and implement action plans throughout the year. You can find resources on the UCSF employee engagement website.
  • Second, we encourage all staff to take part in your team’s action planning and implementation and to regularly share ideas with your managers and colleagues about additional ways UCSF can improve.

In addition, to work toward creating an environment where all can contribute to UCSF’s mission, last fall all learners, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to participate in the UCSF Climate Survey. It sought to gather data that will help the University assess the overarching learning, living, and working environments – or climate – for members of our UCSF community. While distinct, both this and the staff engagement survey provide important information about respondents’ sense of belonging at UCSF.

You can learn more about our UCSF Engagement Action Plan at the Engagement Town Hall on July 28.

Thank you for all that you do for UCSF and UCSF Health.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

Suresh Gunasekaran
President and CEO
UCSF Health