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Results of 2017 Staff Engagement Survey

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce our 2017 UCSF-wide Staff Engagement Survey results. In February, I urged you to participate, and seventy percent of staff responded.

We have achieved an overall UCSF grand mean of 3.93, based on a five-point scale. This is an improvement of .07 points from the 2015 score and marks significant improvement since the first Gallup survey at UCSF in 2011. The steady progress can be seen below:

Results of the Staff Survey Over Time

In addition to continuing to improve the work environment for staff, analysis of the survey results shows that engagement positively affects customer and patient satisfaction, high job performance, and fulfillment of our mission. The two survey items that scored highest compared to the Gallup benchmarks indicate that our staff have a strong connection to performing quality work and UCSF’s mission.

To illustrate, following the 2015 survey, an organization-wide commitment was made to provide more access to learning and growth opportunities for our staff. Over the past year, the number of UCSF staff participating in classroom development courses has doubled, three online certificate programs have been introduced, and UCSF staff have launched over 7,700 e-Courses since SkillSoft was introduced in late 2015. These actions helped meet the commitment and have had an impact – the 2017 survey showed that the largest increases are in Progress, Development, and Learn & Grow ratings. We will use the detailed findings from this year as continued guidance toward institution-wide priorities as well as engagement plans and goals at the department level.

I am proud of our progress and commend the collective efforts to strengthen the engagement of our staff community. Thank you for your participation.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor