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An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

Plans Under Way to Gradually Resume Some UCSF Operations

Dear UCSF Community,

After several challenging months, there may be reason for guarded and measured optimism. The rate of increase in local COVID-19 infections is moderating.

But this welcome progress has come with significant cost. The pandemic and the public health orders meant to slow it have taken a heavy toll on many in our community. It can be overwhelming to think about loved ones who have been separated or lost, and the livelihoods that have been devastated by a severely constrained economy.

Compared to other regions, however, the Bay Area has been fortunate. Encouraged by what they see, local and state officials are taking steps to begin relaxing the various shelter-in-place orders. 

In the coming weeks, UCSF also will begin a gradual process to resume some of our suspended operations. This includes a careful return to some activities on campus and increasing the number of non-COVID-19 patients at UCSF Health. Given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, we will move deliberately and dial up or down our activities as needed, in close partnership with public health officials. The work ahead will require us to coordinate in new ways across the campus and UCSF Health, and I am hopeful we can continue building on the efforts already under way.

Our focus remains on the well-being of our UCSF community and patients, and our actions will be guided by our own timetable, in alignment with local and state orders. For the foreseeable future, many of our current policies will remain in place. As an example, those performing their duties remotely will continue to do so, in order to help facilitate physical distancing for those who must be on-site. Those who can no longer conduct their work or duties remotely will be able to apply for a request to return to on-site work. To learn more about these developing plans, join me at today’s virtual town hall at 4:00 p.m.

Related to this effort, Senior Vice Chancellor Paul Jenny and the CFOs for the campus and UCSF Health are working to assess the economic impact of COVID-19 on UCSF. Their guidance will help us develop a strategy that strengthens UCSF’s resilience and minimizes the potential for changes to compensation and reduced staffing levels. Paul and the CFOs expect to share their findings in the coming weeks.

As we face the extension of the local shelter-in-place orders through the end of May, I hope you are taking care of yourself and leveraging UCSF’s resources to support your emotional well-being. We shouldn’t underestimate the stress and anxiety that recent changes have created in our lives.

Over the past months, I have received so many thanks for the incredible work you are doing. From public health leaders to elected officials to the UC Regents and our donors, I am not alone in being grateful for your leadership and contributions. Thank you for your continued excellence, for demonstrating every day the commitment and compassion that drive our public mission.

I have never been so proud to serve as your Chancellor.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor