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Northern California Fires

Dear Members of the UCSF community,

The wildfires that are ravaging the counties of Northern California have brought devastation to thousands. Our thoughts go out to all those affected, including the approximately 450 UCSF employees and 1,200 alumni who live in the region, as well as the many family and friends who live there.

UCSF is actively involved in responding to this evolving situation. While two of our clinics were forced to close due to the fires, UCSF continues to staff the NICU at Santa Rosa Memorial, with one of our physicians serving as the Attending physician today. So far, we have received four adult transfer patients and one pediatric transfer patient from the area. Approximately 20 patients affected by smoke inhalation have been treated at UCSF.

For staff directly affected by the wildfires, our Human Resources team has prepared guidelines and resources, including information about our program that allows staff to request donations of accrued vacation, emergency loan programs through our credit unions, short- term and long-term housing rentals, and other resources. Faculty members who have been impacted should consult their department chairs.

I am not surprised that many of you have asked about ways to help; this concern for others—and outreach on their behalf—is consistent with our community’s values. HR’s guidelines include information for faculty and staff who want to donate accrued vacation to staff directly affected by the fires. Please also check the Global Disaster Assistance Committee (GDAC) website for information on other ways to help. The GDAC, which is meeting today to address emerging needs resulting from the fires, is UCSF’s portal for information on how we respond to disasters.

The situation with the fires remains serious. Please be alert to communications from the UCSF Police Department for further instructions or notifications. I am confident in our ability and desire to support and provide aid to those in need, including members of our own community.

While this information has been shared in many bulletins, given the severity of the circumstances I remind you that professional counseling and confidential services are available to all of you. These services are:

I extend my appreciation to our UCSF Police Department (UCSFPD) for their service. UCSFPD has been asked by the State to assist with law enforcement in the affected region via our mutual aid agreement and is coordinating with other University of California police departments.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor