Campus Messages

An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

New Guidance for Telework at UCSF

Dear UCSF Community,

As more people get vaccinated and the overall level of new COVID-19 cases declines across the country, we are easing out of the worst public health crisis in a generation. We have come a long way in just over a year, developing new ways of working while serving our mission in education, research, and care delivery. One important lesson we have learned is that those whose responsibilities allow them to work remotely can do so effectively.

Looking ahead, I am pleased to announce that UCSF will incorporate a combination of telework and on-site work in our staffing plans for those job duties that can be performed remotely without compromising our mission. We will approach this new venture in the spirit of continuous process improvement, adapting as we learn from our experience.

Telework Guiding Principles

My Cabinet supports telework as part of our vision for the future, and we have agreed upon principles that will guide us in making decisions about telework. One of these principles is to prioritize equity, consistency, and accessibility to ensure that campus control points and UCSF Health leaders make decisions based on business needs. To support this goal, we have developed a standard tool to evaluate and identify positions for telework. In the weeks ahead, we will communicate these details and provide managers with resource materials.

As I mentioned at this past Friday’s town hall, I am extending the work-from-home guidance to October 1, 2021. This extension gives employees currently working remotely more time to plan for child and elder care, provides managers more time to develop new staffing plans, and enables UCSF to gradually increase campus capacity levels based on public health guidance.

However, some employees may be called to return to campus earlier to support the mission in education and research areas that are ramping up on-site activities. In addition, individuals may still request to work on site by talking with their manager.

Developing Staffing Plans

From now through September, leaders will create longer-term staffing plans that adhere to the guiding principles agreed upon by my Cabinet: offering flexibility; seeking ways to optimize the use of space, such as creating shared workspaces; and regularly adapting and making adjustments along the way. You will hear from your respective leaders as they develop and communicate their plans.

In preparing for what work will look like after the pandemic, I want to recognize the contributions of our health care workers and frontline staff who have been working on site throughout the public health crisis. Their commitment to our patients and communities continues to be an inspiration to all of us. For those of you who have positions that require you to work on site, we are enhancing our campus environment by improving and adding new areas to take breaks, gather socially, and work in shared spaces.

As we have throughout the past year, we will continue to monitor the pandemic and adjust to evolving public health guidance. We ask that you remain flexible as we navigate our new future together.

Preparations for the start of a new academic year are already under way. We look forward to welcoming many of you back to campus. In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing hard work and dedication.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor