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Email Tagging is Coming to UCSF

Dear UCSF Community,

Given the increased use of phishing emails to launch cyber-attacks, UCSF IT will launch on Friday, April 16, an automated system that will provide visual tags on emails when:

  • you receive an email from a sender that is outside of the UCSF community;
  • the sender cannot be verified; or
  • in other risky scenarios.

The “External Sender” tag does not indicate the email is or is not malicious but is intended to help you be more aware and cautious. External emails will appear in your inbox with a message like this:

Example of the tag for an external sender

Warning tags are an indication that the email may in fact be dangerous. While most of these kinds of emails get blocked by our system, some number make it through the filters and this tag will help you identify them.

Example of a warning tag that reads Be Careful With This Message

Email tags are intended to increase your awareness of the origin and context of the email that you receive, especially from senders outside of the UCSF community. Read more about email tagging at

As phishing attempts increase, please continue to exercise caution, and report any suspicious email using the Phish Alarm tool: If you need assistance in reporting suspicious email, please contact the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100.


Joe Bengfort
Senior Vice President
Associate Vice Chancellor