Campus Messages

An archive of email messages sent to the entire UCSF community by the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet.

Building Our Inclusive Community

Dear Members of the UCSF Community:

The #WhiteCoats4BlackLives movement, started by our students last December, catalyzed an important and ongoing discussion about violence, social injustice, and inequities that are prevalent in our society and focused us on the work we must do within on our own campus to become a truly inclusive community. The recent tragic events in Baltimore underscore the work that still must be done as a nation to address these critical issues of social justice and equity.

I recognize the broad range of emotions these events continue to trigger in our own community and hope that, city by city, we will work together to find peaceful solutions, so that we can heal and grow stronger, both as a nation, and locally, as a university.

Our community continues to strive toward diversity and inclusion in multiple ways.

  • I have identified five pillars as a roadmap for the future of UCSF that will receive the university’s attention and resources over the next three to five years. One of these pillars focuses solely on diversity and inclusion.
  • Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Outreach Renee Navarro and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP) Daniel Lowenstein as well as our five deans will lead the important work that needs to be done to foster diversity and inclusion throughout UCSF.
  • We will continue our research on measuring, documenting, understanding and addressing socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in health that exist overwhelmingly in communities of color.

On behalf of UCSF leadership, I assure you that we are committed to providing the support to facilitate positive change, and I encourage you to participate, stay informed, share your stories, and explore solutions. Your involvement and contributions are vital. Created in response to students who wanted a place to come together, the Multicultural Resource Center is available as a safe and supportive space.

In the coming weeks, there are opportunities for our community to continue a dialogue and share ideas:

  • May 5: A panel of interdisciplinary faculty experts will discuss how to talk about "Race, Racism & Health Inequalities"
  • May 13: Social psychologist Claude Steele, EVCP at UC Berkeley, will share his thoughts on how stereotyping threatens a diverse community that respects, values and encourages the well-being of all members.
  • May 13: Underrepresented in Health Sciences (UIHS) Professional Development Dinner 2015 – the Multicultural Resource Center sponsors this conversation on community building, mentorship and success strategies. RSVP UIHS Dinner

As an institution committed to advancing health for all, it is imperative that we redouble our efforts to build our own inclusive and safe environment and to work with academic institutions and our partners in health care, law, workforce development and industry to find meaningful solutions to address social injustice.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor