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2019 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey

Dear Members of the UCSF Community,

On April 30, you will receive an invitation to participate in the 2019 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey. Your response will help us understand the progress we have made over the past year toward our shared goal of making UCSF a great place to work.

We have contracted with Gallup to conduct this survey, the seventh of its kind at UCSF since 2011. After each survey, managers and their teams use their results to create action plans that build on strengths and address challenges. At the UCSFwide level, we look for trends and patterns in engagement and satisfaction that help us understand how staff feel about their work so that we can identify opportunities for improvement across our institution.

As we reported last year, the 2018 staff survey showed us that overall engagement is holding steady across UCSF. However, we also found notable differences between UCSF staff in manager vs. non-manager roles, in team size, across racial/ethnic groups, and between staff who are represented by a union and policy-covered staff.

Since then, we have taken several steps to address these findings:

  • All UCSF staff employees were encouraged to attend one of two UCSF Engagement Town Halls to review findings, hear about successful activities underway that support engagement, and gather input for our institution-wide action plan;
  • UCSF leadership engaged Gallup to conduct focus groups to better understand the concerns of our diverse staff groups;
  • Feedback from these sessions informed development of a UCSF engagement action plan focused on supporting staff to create paths to success, addressing unconscious bias, and helping managers to serve as advocates for their staff.
  • Several new questions have been added to the 2019 engagement survey to measure our progress on issues of belonging and inclusivity.

You can read more online.

Completing the survey should take less than ten minutes. Gallup will report results to departments and units in June. As in years past, Gallup will hold individual responses in confidence, and results will only be reported in aggregate. One reason UCSF uses Gallup to conduct the survey is to ensure the confidentiality of responses.

I urge you to ensure that your voice is heard and to share your experiences by completing the survey. I look forward to sharing the results and reporting on progress on our university-wide action plan. Thank you for all you do for UCSF.


Sam Hawgood, MBBS
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor