Award Description

This award recognizes exceptional individual service contributions to UCSF by staff members who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the betterment of UCSF, devoting time as well as energy to serve the campus community. Award recipients exhibit extraordinary professional commitment to university service and citizenship beyond the scope of their individual functions at UCSF, and serve as role models for future generations of UCSF employees.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have been a career UCSF employee for at least five years and have a minimum 50% staff appointment at the time of nomination (questions regarding employment eligibility can be answered by your Human Resources representative prior to submitting a nomination).
  • Have been vetted and endorsed by their supervisor and department head.
  • Have not previously received the award.
  • Have exhibited and sustained outstanding service to the University as delineated below by the “Selection Criteria.”

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

  • Time – How much time beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research, or training does the nominee devote to exceptionally serve the University?
  • Activity – How does the nominee’s service activity exceptionally surpass the responsibilities of their position?
  • Benefit – How has the University and its priorities—continuous learning, equity and inclusion, precision medicine, and transformative partnerships—substantially benefitted from this nominee’s service?
  • Participation – How does the nominee exceed expectations when actively participating, interacting, and collaborating with the campus community to provide exceptional service to the University?
  • Lasting Impact – How has the nominee’s service benefited the University over an extended period of time?

Required Nomination Materials

Please submit all nomination materials electronically:

  • Completed nomination form
  • One e-nomination letter citing specific examples identifying the nominee’s above and beyond service contributions per each of the “Selection Criteria.”
  • Up to two e-support letters citing specific examples about the nominee's above and beyond service contributions as related to the above “Selection Criteria.” Note: e-support letters may be endorsed by multiple supporters.

For questions, please contact Suya Colorado-Caldwell.

Award Recipients