Medal Criteria

The UCSF Medal, initiated in 1975, replaces the granting of honorary degrees and is our most prestigious campus award. The recipients are honored at the annual UCSF Medal celebration.

The recipient of the UCSF Medal must have attained preeminence in an area encompassed by any of the missions of UCSF. The UCSF Medal will therefore recognize individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions in areas associated with the university and have inspired the work of those at UCSF to push the boundaries of what’s possible in each of the university’s missions:

  • attracting and educating the nation’s most promising students for future careers in the health sciences and health care professions, with continuing emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • providing our patients the best heath care service, from primary care to the most advanced technologies available
  • encouraging and supporting research and scholarly activities to improve our basic understanding of the mechanisms of disease and the social interactions related to human health and health equity
  • serving the community at large through educational and service programs that reflect the values and missions of UCSF

The UCSF Medal is an expression of recognition and appreciation by the UCSF community for individuals whose life work is consonant with UCSF’s mission and whose contributions are of a scope and quality that justify the campus’ highest recognition.

The recipient may be an educator, a health care service provider, a research scientist/scholar, or a humanitarian/philanthropist and they are not required to have a personal association with UCSF. Elected officials currently in office are not eligible for the award. Faculty members who fulfill the criteria, as described may be nominated but must have held emeritus status or have been retired for at least one year and not hold any current administrative or policymaking position within the university. An exception is made for Nobel Laureates.


Recommendations may be submitted using this nomination form or by sending a statement of nomination via email that describes:

  • The contributions that make the nominee worthy of the UCSF Medal, clearly indicating which of the UCSF mission area(s) mentioned above apply.
  • How the nominee has inspired your work and the work of others at UCSF to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the UCSF mission area(s) described above.

Optional: Additional supporting documentation in the form of references or links is welcome (e.g., a concise biographical article summarizing the nominee’s achievements).

Please direct questions to Justine Belden, Office of the Chancellor.

Submissions are due no later than November 28, 2016, at 5 p.m.

Medal Recipients