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Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Child Care


To ensure that an assessment of campus child care needs is accomplished, to identify annual goals for meeting child care standards as wells as recommend actions necessary to meet these goals, to monitor campus progress in meeting these goals, and to prepare an annual report detailing campus progress toward meeting goals and actions.

Membership: FY 2010-11

Chair: Paul Green

Staff: Campus Life Services

Paul Green, chair
Amanda Carlisle, co-chair
Abbey Alkon
Carmen Arbona
Deborah Avakian
Paul Axelrod
Pat Damsgaard
Randy Daron
Therese Doan
Amy Gelfand
Stella Hsu, ex officio
Dorothy Jones-Davis
Eric Koenig
Deanna Kroetz
Marilyn Reed Lucia
Susan Schultz
Arun Sharma
Bryna Siegel
Jennifer Perlman Thomas
Diane Wara, ex officio
Lori Yamauchi
Yi Yin

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