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Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS)




The charge to this committee is to examine UCSF’s effect on the environment from a comprehensive perspective; to evaluate existing UCSF policies, procedures, and/or programs that affect the environment; to serve as a coordinating body for groups or individuals concerned with sustainability issues at UCSF; and to recommend to me changes that will increase sustainability at UCSF.


Membership: 2009-10


Co-chairpersons:     Senior Vice Chancellor—Finance and Administration John Plotts
                                      Chief Administrative and Human Resources Officer—Medical Center David Odato

Staff: Gail Lee


Bruce Adams
Dorie Apollonio
Michael Bade
Joseph I. Castro
Robert Eaton, ex officio
John Fecondo
Barbara French
John Greenspan
Stella Hsu
Nancy Milliken
Susan Moore
Margaret Munn, ex officio
Elizabeth Aife Murray
Tom Newman
David Odato
Clifford Roberts
Susan Ryan
Eric Vermillion
Ellen Weber
Shirley Wong
Lori Yamauchi, ex officio

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