Ruth Greenblatt, MD, is the Chair of the UCSF Academic Senate (2015-2017) and a member of the University of California (UC) Academic Council as well as the Academic Planning Council. She previously served as Vice Chair of the UCSF Division Academic Senate. She led as chair the UCSF Division Sustainability Committee, Privileges and Tenure, UCSF Committee on Committees, the School of Pharmacy Faculty Council, UC Committee on Committees, UC HIV Research Program Scientific Council, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, and was founding chair of the Chancellor’s Council on Climate. She has received the Chancellor’s Award for the Advancement of Women and the American Association of Medical Colleges Award for Women in Medicine Leadership.

Greenblatt is an infectious diseases-trained internist based in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in the UCSF School of Pharmacy and has joint appointments in the School of Medicine, Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Within the School of Pharmacy, she is the Vice Chair for Research of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy.

Greenblatt first came to UCSF as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar. Her research focuses on HIV infection in women, particularly mucosal immunity, the effects of sex steroids and anti-retroviral pharmacology. She is a founding principal investigator of the Northern California site of the Women's Interagency HIV Study, which is the largest NIH-supported study of HIV among women and one of the most diverse NIH-funded cohort studies. She is one of three principal investigators of the current Women’s Interagency HIV Study, and she founded the Women’s Specialty Program within the UCSF Medical Center HIV Practice. Over her tenure at UCSF, she has led NIH research grants totaling over $100 million. She co-founded, with James Kahn, the UCSF/Gladstone Center for AIDS Research Mentoring Program.

Defined by UC Regents Standing Order 105, the Academic Senate is an independent liaison body that serves to represent faculty concerns and interests to both campus administration and the UC Office of the President.