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Chancellor's Award for Exceptional University Service

Award Description:  This award recognizes and rewards outstanding University service by non-academic staff of a non-supervisory nature.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination:  Both non-supervisory and supervisory Professional & Support Staff (PSS), or non-supervisory Management & Senior Professional (MSP) are eligible.  

Note:  A PSS supervisor is eligible for this award for exceptional university service that is not supervisory.   MSP supervisors/managers are eligible only for the Chancellor's Award for Exceptional University Management.  The same individual may not be nominated for both Service and Management awards.  In addition, only individual employees may be nominated.

A current UCSF staff employee:

  • must have been a career employee for at least five years as of December 31, 2009 and have at least a 50% time appointment. (Questions regarding service eligibility should be answered by your departmental personnel assistant or your Human Resources customer service representative.);

  • must be nominated by his or her supervisor and endorsed by the department head;

  • cannot have received this award in the past; and

  • must have exhibited and sustained outstanding performance as outlined in the "Selection Criteria."

Selection Criteria:  Describe your nominee’s contributions so that each of the following can be evaluated. (Specific examples of each criterion are to be included in the nomination description.):

  • Effort - How much extra effort does the candidate give to perform exceptionally?

  • Benefit - Does the University substantially benefit from this employee’s service? Does the employee actively participate in campus support groups, campus committees, or provide service to UCSF that extends beyond expectations? (It is assumed that if other staff members, patients, students or the community benefit, the University also benefits.)

  • Lasting Impact - In addition to short-term benefits, what service has the employee provided which will have a beneficial impact on the University over a longer period of time?

  • Base of Operation - It is recognized that some employees, because of the nature of their jobs, can more easily perform in a way that has both substantial and lasting service impact. Those in higher level positions may demonstrate exceptional performance more visibly than those in lower level positions.

Nomination materials

  • nomination form;

  • the supervisor's objective statements about job performance in the form of a formal letter or Word document;

  • a copy of the nominee's job description; and

  • two supporting letters from peers. These can be from anyone who knows the nominee's work performance and can give specific examples of exceptional work.  Please note:  Only two supporting letters will be accepted for each nomination.