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Chancellor's Award for Exceptional University Management

Award Description:  This award recognizes and rewards outstanding University service by those who have the responsibility to supervise, guide, and lead others. As the University’s success is founded upon the contributions of the people who work at UCSF, effective management of this precious resource — our people — is a critical skill to be nurtured and recognized.


Eligibility Requirements for Nomination:  Both Professional & Support Staff (PSS) and Management & Senior Professional (MSP) are eligible to be nominated. The same individual may not be nominated for both Service and Management awards. In addition, only individual employees may be nominated. 


A current supervisor or manager:

  • must have been a career UCSF employee for at least five years as of December 31, 2009. (Questions regarding service eligibility should be answered by your
    departmental personnel assistant or your Human Resources client service representative);

  • must be nominated by the supervisor and endorsed by the department head;

  • must have exhibited and sustained outstanding performance as outlined in the "Selection Criteria" and

  • must not have received this award in the past.


Selection Criteria: Describe your nominee’s contributions so that the following can be evaluated. (Specific examples of each criterion are to be included in the nomination description):

  • Creativeness/Innovation: Demonstrated ability to develop new methods and approaches resulting in positive change and new standards of performance;

  • Communication: an ongoing commitment to communication, which is timely, honest, thorough, open, and sensitive within an organization as well as between individuals;

  • Customer Service: demonstrated customer service that is responsive to clients’ needs and which provides satisfaction with products and services provided;

  • Diversity: demonstrated respect for the variety of experiences and perspectives, which arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics;

  • Ethics and Integrity: a commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity demonstrated by leadership that is open, fair, honest, and consistent in dealing with employees and the campus community;

  • High Performance/ Maximum Accountability: Personal achievement of high performance as well as effective goal setting, coaching, and performance management of others;

  • Supportive Work Environment: Implementing programs and activities that create and provide a supportive work environment for employees, which enhances morale, enables productivity, and develops human potential; and

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Demonstrated ability in working together within and between groups to achieve goals and purposes common to the organization’s strategic plan.


Nomination materials

  • nomination form;

  • the supervisor's objective statements about job performance, demonstrating the nominee's contributions specifically related to the above criteria in the form of formal letter or Word doc;

  • a copy of the nominee's job description; and

  • two supporting letters from colleagues, customers, and/or subordinates who know the nominee's work performance and can give examples of exceptional work that demonstrate the nominee's contributions specifically related to the above criteria.  Please note: Only two supporting letters will be accepted for each nomination.